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That’s what happens in life. Everything changes… and all you can do is keep on going, giving it everything you have.

Title: The Way We ALL GO

Developer: Ebi-hime

Length: 6 hours

Price: £4.79

Adult Content: None

Original Language: English

Version Language: English

Genres: Drama, Horror, Slice of Life

After a sudden move to the city two years ago, returning to the village in which he spent his childhood allows Atcchan to meet once more with the friends he left behind. Although he managed to keep in contact with a few people, he abandoned others without a word and has since not worked up enough courage to contact them. There are only three days to meet with his friends; spending most of your time with one person could potentially upset others.

Some of the major themes covered include separation and isolation, with other themes hidden within routes. The plot varies between normal, everyday scenes to sudden, tense encounters; be prepared to wade through to the endings to see the climax of your actions. If you are looking for extreme and bloodthirsty violence then you may be disappointed; efficient and realistic slaughter is the key focus here. I have seen a similar location and time period setting for a number of horror works before – the enclosed nature of the village give the impression of a cage from which we cannot escape until the problems are solved. The writing style worked for me and there were no spelling mistakes or errors which I could spot.

The first group of routes mainly focus around two characters: Noelle and Amu. Noelle is a quiet, isolated girl who transferred to the village from the city a number of years ago. Amu is the strong and loud childhood friend. The discussions between characters are normally quite harsh but fair. They try to say what they feel, even if it may hurt others. Sometimes this leads to dangerous confrontations. Most of the humour revolves around wordplay and conversational combat, with some dark comedy too. The second group of routes focus around some of the minor characters introduced in the earlier routes and explores them in more detail. Although I did not find these routes as captivating as the first half, they were still enjoyable to read. The final route of the game is mostly for fun – fan disk level shenanigans. By this point, we know the characters enough to enjoy this – as a whole the visual novel is a reasonable length.

There are many endings. Most of them are significantly different enough to deserve existence, although one or two of the ‘bad’ endings could have been combined. My main problem with so many endings was that, as it did not follow an easily recognisable system, it was difficult to tell what to aim for at the decision points. The list of the endings was not very useful for navigation either; any which were not yet unlocked gave no clues, any which were merely stated the ending name. After getting through about half of the endings, I would either have to start searching each path of the decision tree in order or otherwise look up the walkthrough. I opted for the walkthrough. The number of decision points was reasonable and most of the major decisions were obvious. Getting onto some routes required correct decisions on minor choices as well.

The Way We ALL GO is similar to Higurashi not just in themes and setting but also in artwork. More rather, in the original Higurashi artwork. Due to time, skill and money constraints, lower quality art assets were used in Higurashi. Many people are put-off by this style, preferring to read something with both reasonable story and reasonable artwork. Back now to The Way We ALL GO. For the CG, the art styles vary between each due to having multiple artists. Some of them are a very high quality but most are not. Likewise with a few of the character sprites – the grandparents are closer to the expected art quality. On a positive note, there are a variety of character expressions. Background artwork was based on various photographs freely available on the internet. With some effects applied, they are sufficient and consistent. While original drawings may be better in some cases, these backgrounds are still suitable.

As for the background music, there is a good variety to fit every atmosphere. The creepy music works very well to build tension. Music was taken from various royalty free sites but they still work well together. Sound effects were also taken from royalty free sites. The ‘cut-in attack’ feature was probably my favourite sound effect.

An ending list, CG gallery, music gallery and character profiles are available to view in the extra section. As discussed previously, the endings are relatively hard to locate but at least the list allows you to check that you have completed them all. Some of the graphics from the final route are missing from the CG gallery at the moment; everything else is still there, with basic functionality. Music gallery also works but may benefit from a slight reorganisation into a scrolling table format. The character profiles are a great touch. However, they did not unlock until I had finished the game. If possible, profiles which evolve as you meet characters and view endings may have improved the feature.

To summarise, focus was placed in the right area; developing a good story with good characters. Difficult themes are covered and the length gives you enough time to engage with the characters. Whereas the artwork and reliance on free resources does let the overall image down, it was not too distracting. If you are willing to overlook the appearance and read the story then there will be no regrets.

Relative Rating: 4/5

Overall Rating: 7/10

Key Positive Points: Strong story, character dialogue and character thought processes

Key Negative Points: Lack of consistent style and quality in artwork

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BG Aya

Getting S rank in missions

Sometimes you may complete a mission perfectly – finishing it quickly and not taking any damage. However, you still get only an A. When this happens, it is time to break out the grenades. On a number of missions where this happened, I found that destroying enemy clothes counted towards the level score instead. Grenades are the most effective tool for removing clothes so use a few. For most advanced missions, it helps if you can strip the boss too. For the advanced mission in Area Six, I managed to get an S rank by taking the wall through the courtyard and not waiting a long time for the dual patrol at the corner. For any mission which involve combat, remember to use upgraded weapons, characters with good affinity and the correct bra and panty combo for the job.


Optimising characters, bras and panties to your play style

Depending on what weapons you use, certain characters can be advantageous.


Aya (++ Handguns, + Bazookas, – Assault Rifles, – Grenades, — Shotguns)

With only handguns and bazookas to her strengths, Aya is quite a weak choice. You can choose her if you do not want a shotgun in your loadout.

Yurina (++ Shotguns, + Bazookas, + Grenades, + Handguns, — Assault Rifles)

Yurina is strong with every weapon except the assault rifles. This makes her a good option for someone who wants to use every weapon except the standard. She is the only character with four strengths.

Aki (++ Bazooka, + Handguns, – Grenades, – Shotguns, — Assault Rifles)

Similar to Aya, a weaker choice. If you want an extra level of challenge then she may be the best option.

Tsukiyo (++ Assault Rifles, + Shotguns, – Bazookas, – Grenades, — Handguns)

As she is great with an assault rifle, she is a reasonable choice for a standard player. Her extra weaknesses may make you choose differently later but at least her worst weapon is the weakest type.

Remi (++ Bazookas, + Grenades, + Shotguns, – Assault Rifles, — Handguns)

If you want to blow things up, go for Remi. Her explosive weapons are the best but she is weak with standard guns.

Minagi (++ Assault Rifles, + Grenades, + Handguns, – Bazookas, — Shotguns)

Minagi is the best choice for the normal assault rifle user. Her grenades are also strong. You may wish to load out two rifles in this case.

Saki (++ Shotguns, + Assault Rifles, – Grenades, – Handguns, — Bazookas)

A good option for someone who likes to use the shotgun but wants to have an assault rifle for backup.

Mai (++ Handguns, + Assault Rifles, + Grenades, – Shotguns, — Bazookas)

With a strength in assault rifles and grenades, she is an alternative to others if you like to use the handguns for some reason.


Along with the character choices, you must choose your garments. There are some which give health bonuses, some which give stat bonuses to set weapons and some which give bonuses to all weapon types. If you are using an all round character (Yurina, Remi, Minagi or Mai) you would probably find any type to an advantage. If you are narrowing down to one type of weapon then it is best to optimise that weapon with the relevant stat bonuses or otherwise take the extra health.


Point farming

At the start of the game, you can run the first mission in around 16 seconds. This should give an A ranking and 600 pt but can sometimes only give a B and 300 pt. With loading screens, this makes about 600 pt every 30 seconds.

When you unlock Area Eight, some missions are easy to lose within the same time (you should skip cutscenes to maximise speed). This gives 800 pt every 30 seconds. However, some missions are not so easy to lose.

Completing a mission properly at higher levels will only award at most 3000 pt with a much greater time taken up. However, it may be more worthwhile to try to get S ranks on other missions and farm clothes as opposed to constantly running the first level.


Getting S rank in Jinmon

For getting S rank in Jinmon, you need a combination of the correct pose and the correct item. Choose the first, default pose and upon starting cycle to the fourth angle (to the left once). This has lots of spots on the main body nice and close together. For your items, you will need a water pistol. Also take any mouth items that you desire. When you have begun the questioning, use your mouth items as soon as they are available and when there is a target near the mouth. After this, select the pistol and keep pressing the button as fast as possible, moving the joystick around the area. If you make it wobble just a bit, it will fly and hit most of the needed spots. Remember, keep hitting as fast as you can for faster points and more chain bonuses. You should be able to max both the good and bad ratings within the time. Around 1600 is needed for an S rank.




For Aya, that fire burns with her positivity. Although she does not have her own mission, it would be bad for her to miss out in other areas.




Today we will use the water pistol for questioning. Let us douse your body in liquid and see if we can put out your flames. Your skill with handguns may come in use.



Swimsuit bra and panties

There exists one set of undergarments which cannot be obtained through the normal loadout. These are the swimsuit bra and panties. When you swap onto the swimsuit costume, these are equipped and when you switch out it will revert to other choices. This makes it impossible to wear with any other clothes in the main game mode. However, there is a method to obtain them within the Jinmon mode.

1 – Select the character you wish to use and set them to the swimsuit costume. Hover over the clothing option.


2 – Press right and then very quickly (before the screen has time to reload) press x. If this has worked, when you press x once more you will still be wearing the swimsuit but the costume will list another set of clothes.


3 – Press up and very quickly press x. Close the menu again and repeat. You should now have the start button selected with the swimsuit displayed.


4 – Start up the session with any items equipped. You will now see that you have the swimsuit bra and panties equipped along with a different costume. You can continue if you wish but otherwise quit out of the session and choose to play again.


5 – Now feel free to change your costume, damage, your pose, your location or even your bra and panties. So long as you avoid changing back to the swimsuit then the swimsuit bra and panties will remain.


You can use the same method to wear any bra and panty combination you like with the swimsuit on.



There is still possibly more for me to discover – some scenes are missing and I have yet to buy all the characters. If I find something new of note, it will appear somewhere in the guide.


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The final area is upon us. Prepare yourself for some difficult battles, along with the longest mission. Some advanced skills are needed here and upgrades may be of help too.

Mission A

Aim – Collect two tokens

Time limit – 5 minutes

Tips – You will always spawn in the same place and one token will be spawned at a time. However, the doors to the outside may be open or closed and barriers may block your path. This means you may have to change your route depending on the blockages. The first token spawned is on the top corridor to the right. Take out any enemies on your path if you are inside. When outside, it may be best to defeat only enemies on one side and sneak past the others. After you collect the first token, the next will spawn at the entrance lockers. Enemies will respawn at this point so take care heading back.


Mission B

Aim – Defeat the boss

Time limit – 5 minutes

Tips – This boss is a helicopter which never stops. You will spawn in a random location. Before trying to take on the helicopter, it is best to head somewhere where the helicopter follows straight along their path. The best area is the wooden planks to the bottom but the top left area can work as well. You will want to defeat any enemies you spot on foot so that you can focus on the helicopter. Best to use the rifle again, fire at the helicopter and dodge when it attacks overhead. Reverse your aim and fire some more before it gets out of range. Do not try to chase the helicopter too far and instead return back for the next round of attack.


Mission C

Aim – Defend the containers

Time limit – 5 minutes

Tips – This time you have to defend containers against an unstoppable tank. You have six containers. Head to the bottom and run along the map bottom, past the stationary tank, to get to your containers. The moving tank will go between the top and bottom containers. If you shoot at it long enough, it will reverse and head towards the other end. All the while, bazooka and sniper users will spawn in pairs and head to target your containers. One can either take out each pair when they spawn and shoot the tank to make it reverse or you can distract the girls, dodge their shots and keep making the tank reverse.


Advanced Mission

Aim – Defeat a tank, collect five tokens, defeat the boss whilst avoiding a bomber

Time limit – 20 minutes

Tips – Upon first playing this mission, you are not allowed any supporter. This means that your minimap will not be of much use. After completing this level once, you will have the ability to play with a supporter again. Two maps again for this one. The first map has a number of barricades stopping you from advancing. You must do enough damage to the tank to make it move into its next position. For the first three rounds, stand a little way back and fire with your rifle. When you see the turret turn, get ready to dodge or hide. Enemies will spawn every so often – either stand far enough away so that they will not attack or deal with them each time they appear. After the round ends and the tank moves off, you can defeat them without them respawning. After dealing enough damage at the middle area, the tank will kindly destroy some barricades and give you access to the roof. Head up to the roof but do not go too far – just around the corner some bazooka users will spawn. Shoot the tank through the gap and keep hiding behind the corner when it fires. If you want, you can instead stay on the street, deal with the bazooka users and shoot the tank before hiding around the close corner.

Next comes the most difficult part of the tank battle. Multiple sniper users will keep spawning, behind you if you remain on the roof, and can deal a lot of damage quickly. They also are able to find you in most places that you are hiding. You can either stay on the roof and move back and forth to shoot the tank and avoid them or you can roll back onto the floor, head into the corner where a building juts out to the bottom right of the small square. Here you have no view of the tank so it cannot hit you. However, you can throw grenades towards it and deal enough damage to destroy it. After this, clear out the remaining snipers and head to the next map.

Next we have to open some crates. A bomber will fly up and down, targeting you often. Head up onto the roof and take out the pair there. When you open a crate, everyone except those very close will respawn – this can cause problems with backtracking as areas you thought were clear have enemies again. If you hear the bomber close, get ready to dodge. Head to the next roof and open the chest. Head back and take out the respawned enemies before continuing and dealing with the next set. Open the nearby crate then take care of the enemies around the corner. Another crate is there. Some more enemies will spawn in again, take them out and head to the final crate.

Boss – After opening the final crate, some more enemies will spawn along with Yurina. The bomber will now no longer patrol and instead constantly target you. Yurina uses a shotgun so you are safe at range but if you get close you will be shredded. Deal with any of the normal girls first, then engage with a long range weapon or grenades. If she gets close, use a grenade to stun her and get some distance away. Do not forget about the bomber.



For Yurina, she is gold. A young lady with young lady training.



Today we will use the blue vibrating device for questioning. Buruburu! Nothing else to say here.

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With most missions in this game, it is possible to build up your weapons, characters, bras and panties then return and be able to do better than before. This time, we have a mission where that is not the case – no bullets are even used. Fear not, you can do some shooting in the other missions.

Mission A

Aim – Defeat all enemies

Time limit – 5 minutes

Tips – Quite a lot of enemies can appear all at once in this small area where your only cover is one small rock. The best tactic is to restrict to only fighting half of them at once. Head to the bottom left or top right of the map and take out the waves. They will spawn very close for you so quickly roll and take them out. After a number of waves, they will stop and a transporter will arrive. If it gets to its stopping place, more girls will be unloaded. You can destroy them before they get there to prevent this. After that is done, head to the other part of the map and repeat.


Mission B

Aim – Collect five tokens

Time limit – 5 minutes

Tips – These tokens are out at random locations and only one is available at a time. A tank patrols the whole area so you should keep an eye on your map and avoid their attacks. Take down anyone else you meet on your way to avoid damage. Most enemies outside will attack and chase you but those in buildings are normally no trouble.


Mission C

Aim – Collect five tokens

Time limit – 5 minutes

Tips – Token crates spawn in random locations and do not always have tokens. Run around the circuit and look in every single corner and gap you can find. Do not forget all the small rooms or areas up the stairs. You will meet enemies on the way – take them out to avoid damage. Around the whole map flies a helicopter. They only attack you if you stray into their path which means you will only have to dodge them a few times. There are tunnels and buildings where you are safe from the attacks.


Advanced Mission

Aim – Collect six tokens whilst avoiding detection

Time limit – 10 minutes

Tips – A stealth mission over two maps – the horror! You need to watch carefully to see which direction the enemies are facing and where they are located. As detection means instant failure, do not use your weapons at all for this mission. It may take some practice for some parts. Here follows the tactics for each token.

1 – Head to the doorway of the hall and look ahead to the guard. When you see her look towards the field, run under the underpass then up through the gap towards the token.

2 – After the last token, head to the top left corner of the shed you are next to and look at the raised area. After the guard has looked into the underpass and starts running to the left, run up to the token. Do not worry about after you reach the token as you will be transported to the next map.

3 – As soon as the map loads, run all the way to the corridor corner and hide behind the pillar to your left. A guard will shortly after reach the corner and look around. When she starts to run back, follow her close behind and duck into the pillar before the door. After she has looked around and moved off, walk out to the token.

4 – Out through the door is another guard near a hedge. When they turn and run along their route you will have two choices.

4a – Run to the right hand hedge, hide behind it and you will automatically and crawl along to the end. When the guard moves away on their patrol, get up and move to the next hedge. Repeat for each of the hedges until you get to the door. At the final hedge you must watch for the hedge patrol and the lone guard for the correct time to reach the token. When you get this token, it is best to hide behind the pillar next to the door to avoid the hall and outside patrols.

4b – Run behind the guard to the left and crawl along the wall. When you get to the end, watch for the guard to turn towards the door and head to the container. When they look back, head to the door and get the token then hide as in the previous step.

5 – Most challenging token here. Two guards patrol this corridor so you have to do lots of pillar hiding. After the guard reaches your hiding place, they will turn back and head to the corner. Run behind them and just before they reach the corner quickly duck behind the corner pillar. When they swap over, head out quickly behind their backs, round the corner and hide behind the second or third pillar. She turns roughly when she gets to the lockers. Here you have to take care to stay behind the correct pillar. When they reverse path you may need to swap sides. Head across to the lockers when they are heading back to the corner. Creep around and seize the token.

6 – Yeah… It is just next to you. Go get it.

BG A6 D1

Boss – Mai does not need to be fought. The sneaking was challenging enough. Even attempting to damage her will mean mission failure. If you were interested, she has a handgun.



For Mai, earth, clothes, club president… not sure if they are all that related to purple. We did not need to fight her but that does not mean that she can escape with her clothes intact.

BG A6 E1



Today we will use the cockroach for questioning. Ami seems to be a bit fearful of the poor old chap but at least the cockroach is enjoying the experience.

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Look to the skies for new enemies as well as some more vehicles on the ground, or maybe they are all just a delusion. Use the power of sweets and you can get through this.

Mission A

Aim – Destroy four containers

Time limit – 5 minutes

Tips – We have a helicopter… attacking us. You will spawn in a random location for this mission but the containers will always be in the same place. Each have two normal guards which you should take out. When attacking a container, girls will spawn to defend it and the helicopter will head to the container and target you. If you can shoot the container from far away you can avoid having to take out the girls who spawn. The helicopter is easy to dodge as it often misses but do not forget about it.


Mission B

Aim – Defeat the boss

Time limit – 5 minutes

Tips – The tank cannot be harmed unless you enter the field. If you sneak into the top left corner then you can avoid attracting any of the girls – they will constantly respawn so become a bother to deal with if they start attacking. Take out your rifle and shoot the tank for a while. The tank normally only shoots while stopped and takes a long time to turn the turret so you can easily look out for and move out of the shot path. Stick to the top left corner and with time the tank will be defeated without trouble.


Mission C

Aim – Defeat all enemies

Time limit – 5 minutes

Tips – You spawn at a random location. There are lots of enemies in a small area so it is best to take out as many as you can from far away, making sure that only the pair you are attacking engage in battle. There are many enemies hiding around corners and on rooftops so if you charge in then you may be destroyed by multiple groups at once. Grenades can be useful for clearing out enemies around the corners. When you defeat all enemies on the map, a vehicle will spawn and roll down the road. Dodge the attacks and target the vehicle. Bazooka girls will spawn but you can dodge them and take them out after the vehicle is destroyed.


Advanced Mission

Aim – Destroy five containers, destroy a helicopter, defeat the boss whilst defending some containers

Time limit – 15 minutes

Tips – There are some enemies who do not respawn that you will meet along the path – take them out when you see them. When you attack a container then more enemies will keep spawning – destroy the containers from far away or alternate between spawning girls and container. Some are hidden in small areas and buildings so you can be damaged quite quickly in enclosed areas. After you have completed the loop and returned to the start, the path will be open and a helicopter will have spawned. Head to the open area and prepare to fight. The helicopter will stop to shoot then move to a new location and repeat. If you want you can bazooka it when it has stopped but I find using a rifle and constantly targeting it works best.

Boss – When the helicopter is downed, Saki will spawn and attack your containers. She also has aerial support with a bomber. Saki uses a shotgun so dodging may not work for you. Throwing grenades is quite effective as it will stop her from attacking. You can also use your own containers for cover or stay out in the open and hope that you defeat her before she does enough damage to you. Do not forget the bomber – if it does land a hit you will feel it.



For Saki, it is time for lollies for the princess of the Sweets☆Girls.



Today we will use the kinoko for questioning. Kinoko are very tasty mushrooms with a tall stalk. Although they may not be sweet, Saki can still get some enjoyment out of them.

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