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The 700 has been defeated once again and in only six days. We got through a total of 14 series (finishing 11 complete series in the time). Good range of genres but I mainly focused on psychological this time round, with a few others to give variety.

From all the series, the one that stood out most in terms of themes and feel was Oyasumi Punpun. They took a very simple character design and threw them into our twisted world. Punpun struggles through his life, making countless mistakes along the way and deforming his being, becoming unrecognisable from himself as a child. He had a number of dreams as a child but by the time he was an adult most had become twisted, died or forgotten.

Oyasumi Punpun

This challenge is now over but another will soon begin. For the bonus round, check later this month – as a teaser the aim will be to complete two specific visual novels. More details soon.

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The bear from yesterday must have influenced me – we finish off with Mushi to Medama to Teddy Bear and Kuma-san to Issho.

Mushi to Medama to Teddy Bear: 34 chapters and a bonus chapter. Whilst walking through town one night, a teacher meets a fortune-teller who tells him the girl he loves is soon to die and be reborn. Doubting the prediction, he lets his guard down. When he returns to her house, he finds another girl digging her eye out with a spoon.

Kuma-san to Issho: A one-shot so 1 chapter. Zombies have overrun the world as they do every other week. A young girl is surviving in a house outside the city when she discovers an unconcious woman. When the woman wakes, she is suspicious of the figure dressed in a bear costume who is looking after the girl.

700/700 ~ The end hath arrived. Prepare yourself.

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All about the teachers today with Kodomo no Jikan and Kimi no Knife.

Kodomo no Jikan: 93 main chapters, 2 prototype chapters and 6 bonus chapters. Starting his first year teaching at an elementary school, one of his students is attracted to him and starts making advances. He has to look after the girl and others in his class without falling for her and getting fired. There is a lot on teaching and troubles with the school system alongside the antics that occur in and around their class. If you haven’t worked it out yet, this series has lots of tasty lolis. Also features a yellow bear toy/character which has a strange resemblance to a certain famous child devouring variety.

Kimi no Knife: Finished whole series for 71 more chapters. A young teacher meets a woman at a bar and is asked if he would kill people for 5m yen. In his drink-dimmed state he replies that, if they were wrongdoers, he would. Soon after he meets the woman again and is sent out on in a small team on his first mission to kill.

Here be the opening for Kodomo no Jikan Ni Gakki. Spot the bear.

If the video has expired, comment and I will try to replace it.

664/700 ~ Almost there, few more and then we are onto the bonus round.

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Today we delve into Tokage no Ou and Kanokon.

Tokage no Ou: A total of 15 chapters. People have recently started getting special powers. The main character has special eyes. He can change their colour (and the colour of his tears)… which he finds rather useless. He ends up getting caught up in a battle between some superpowered assassins.

Kanokon: In whole there were 47 chapters. Starting at his new school, main character meets main heroine and she instantly falls in love with him (bleaurgh). Turns out she is a fox demon and the school is a facility to help youkai/animal-demons to integrate with humans. A harem is quickly manufactured.

There is an anime series for Kanokon, so here is the opening.

If the video has expired, comment and I will try to replace it.

492/700 ~ Slow day today but still on track for an early finish.

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Slightly lighter day today, read Mahou Shoujo of the End and Bloody Monday.

Mahou Shoujo of the End: Got through 13 chapters. Some creatures, the Mahou Shoujo, suddenly appear and start killing everyone they find and turning them into zombies. The main group escapes from school and have to keep moving to avoid being explodedeads. Some pervert policeman may appear at some point.

Bloody Monday: Finished the first part (there are three parts) for a total of 96 chapters. Follows the adventure of a schoolboy hacker who gets involved in a cult plot which involves a virus (yeah, that sort of virus features too but in this instance I am referring to that sort of virus). Somehow, he is able to hack into top-secret government computers in about five minutes or so… It takes more than five minutes to just get to the login on my laptop. He may have a 100x speed hacking cheat enabled.

430/700 ~ May be able to get finished quite early and activate a bonus round of some type.

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From the first challenge we bring back Kami Nomi Zo Shiru Sekai and from the second we bring Beelzebub. Three other new titles were consumed: Corpse Party Musume, Manhole and Gisou Honey Trap.

Kami Nomi Zo Shiru Sekai: Finished off the remains of the manga, starting at chapter 191, giving 78 chapters and 2 bonus chapters. Quick recap: The god of gaming has to capture escaped spirits for hell by making girls fall in love with him else he gets his head chopped off. I resumed at the end point of the most recent anime adaptation and the remains were mostly about a time travel plot line. Keima also makes The Ultimate Choice of any galge.

Beelzebub: Also read the remainder, starting at chapter 208, with 32 chapters. Quick recap: A delinquent has to raise the son of the demon king. The ending was quite rushed as it seems like the series got cancelled. Just some more fights mostly.

Corpse Party Musume: Read 20 chapters and 1 bonus chapter. This adaptation of Corpse Party follows the original game plotline mostly instead of the more recent series but there is some crossover. The group perform the Sachiko ritual and get transported to Heavenly Host Elementary School and have to escape before they are killed and trapped forever. Features a trap and about as many panty shots as they could fit in.

Manhole: 29 chapters in this one. The police investigate a strange case of a man emerging from a sewer who has a parasite in his eye. They have to investigate the cause and at the same time contain the spread of the parasite.

Gisou Honey Trap: A total of 12 chapters. A boy goes to live with his twin cousins, one who is a girl and the other a trap. They cannot forgive him for breaking a promise they made in their childhood, at least for three or so chapters that is.

On the subject of Corpse Party, here is the promotional video for the new game, out July.

If the video has expired, comment and I will try to replace it.

321/700 ~ Almost at the half way point and we are only on the second day.

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So then, let us once more embark on another manga week challenge. To start us off, I read Oyasumi Punpun.

Oyasumi Punpun: I completed the whole of the manga, 147 chapters in total. The manga mainly follows the life of Punpun from child to adult and all his failures and misfortune along the way. It also tracks the fate of those who he meets on his journey and loses contact with. Its dark and so very realistic.

Here is Tsubasa wo Kudasai which features a number of times in the manga.

If the video has expired, comment and I will try to replace it.

147/700 ~ Looking good, be ready for MWC Requiem tomorrow as I finish off some titles which I started in previous challenges.

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