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As I do not have much time for writing, spending longer making the review than playing the game posed a problem for a few of the shorter games. I plan to cut down on the length of review for shorter games and only write full length reviews for longer games. I will put multiple short reviews together in a single post for any game classed as ‘Very Short’ on VNDB (under two hours of playtime). If the visual novel was not free or if it deserves a separate review then I will most likely write a full length review.

So far most of my reviews have been for free OELVN and the ratings were scaled based on comparisons to other OELVN I had read. Now that I am planning to review some Japanese visual novels, these old ratings need to change a bit to fit with my other VNDB ratings. I therefore will have two rating systems:

Rating 1 – Relative Rating

In comparison with visual novels of the same original language, a score from 0 to 5.

Rating 2 – Overall Rating

A standard score from 0 to 10, compared with all visual novels.

I am also going to start reviewing a few Japanese visual novels in the Japanese language version, so I will mention the language version that I am reviewing.

My judgement criteria are to remain the same; story is the foremost important element. However, for those visual novels which cost, I will also take into account the value for money.

Some parts will be moved around, such as putting the screenshot at the top of the post. There will be a short summary of details at the top and review outcomes at the bottom.

Symbols will be present on list pages to allow you to search for any relevant visual novels.

Introductory Summary

Screenshot: A screenshot from the visual novel.

Quote: One quote which I picked out from the visual novel.

Title: What I refer to the visual novel as (may present English and Japanese title if needed). Includes link to VNDB.

Developer: The developer of the visual novel. Includes link to VNDB.

Length:  The length estimate of the game. Either my playtime or, if I did not measure it, the length from VNDB.

Price: Cost of the version of the game reviewed. Currency may vary depending on developer.

Adult Content: If the game is 18+ on VNDB.

Original Language: The language that the original visual novel was written in.

Version Language: The version which I am reviewing.

Genres: Rough estimate of the genre of the visual novel.

Concluding Summary

Relative Rating, Overall Rating, Key Positive Points and Key Negative Points.


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The removal of old posts has now been completed. The remaining stages of the cleanup are to improve the tags and broken links present in the visible posts, as well as creating a new background and updating sidebar links.

Looking back over all my posts allowed me to find those which attracted the most interest: guides, reviews and Manga Week Challenges. I will therefore focus my content around these areas. Guides can only be produced when I obtain a suitable game, which is about once a year. Challenges take up a lot of time and would probably lose value if ran too often. Therefore, the majority of my new posts will be visual novel reviews. With some changes to the structure, I aim to produce at least one review a week but I could potentially complete more.

Due to current work, I will be unable to run the Manga Week Challenge at the usual time of the year. Instead, it is likely to be closer to the August/September period. I am also planning to run a Visual Novel Week Challenge – this would run in a similar way to the Manga Week Challenge but, instead of a set threshold, a score will be calculated based on the number of visual novels completed and their corresponding lengths.

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As part of my major cleanup, I am currently in the process of removing a number of old posts from the site. I will keep any which I deem to be signficant or of a high quality. Any others are being made private. The main reason is that the quality of posts when I first made the site were much worse. Many posts are also redundant, discussing games which I never got around to releasing. Whilst looking through the posts, I will summarise roughly what I have posted about on the site over the years.

January 2012
After trying to make a game about a rat on a string, I instead released a game about snow.

February 2012
Worked some more on the game, before trying to make a visual novel engine in the same program.

March 2012
Did a bit more work on Snowfall, planning masks and some new characters.

April 2012
A giant Upa invaded. Worked on Snowfall and also made my own version of the Madoka Magica Cafe’ dishes.

May 2012
Planned out my Manga Week Challenge, started my _ Of The _ section (including games and anime), made a papercraft Kyubey and started work on a game called Hell’s Heart.

June 2012
My first Manga Week Challenge.

July 2012
Worked a bit more on Hell’s Heart and also planned some rewards based on the Olympics… which I never implemented. Also started with some monthly drawing collections for the _ Of The _ section.

August 2012
Planned some similar rewards for the Paralympics and released a game about a tramp and a trampoline.

September 2012
Advertised the Mirai Suenaga nendoroid.

October 2012
Devised some coded messages to add to the _ Of The _ section.

November 2012
Just the usual _ Of The _ posts.

December 2012
The end of the _ Of The _ section, summarised the year and made my first character hat (Charlotte).

January 2013
Made a new years card, celebrated the one year anniversary of the site and released a game where if you stop singing the world dies.

February 2013
Started work on my visual novel engine again and made another hat (Metal Upa).

March 2013
Dangan Ronpa 2 secret codes were posted, along with some talk about Saya No Uta.

April 2013
Upa invasion occurred again and talked about an essay I wrote which in the end got a poor mark.

May 2013
Did a few more drawings and made a grid with images from the anime I had watched.

June 2013
Manga Week Challenge!

July 2013
A new hat (Monokuma) and talked about some game that were on sale.

August 2013
Planned a hat, a plushie and a game – none ever got made. Talked about some good visual novels I had read and then started my Visual Novel Review section.

September 2013
Nothing posted.

October 2013
Talked about a number of game releases, include Steins;Gate in English and Pokemon Y.

November 2013
Drew a new avatar and mentioned the reveal of Chaos;Child.

December 2013
Reviewed the year and made a number of new year images featuring Saya.

January 2014
Two year anniversary and a plan to release a game before June (spoilers: it was never released).

February 2014
Nothing posted.

March 2014
Nothing posted.

April 2014
Mysterious time traveling post was made… I cannot even remember making this post that year.

May 2014
More planning for the next Manga Week Challenge.

June 2014
Manga Week Challenge!

July 2014
Nothing posted.

August 2014
My Bullet Girls Guide – a walkthrough of the game for each mission.

September 2014
Nothing posted.

October 2014
Nothing posted.

November 2014
Nothing posted.

December 2014
Nothing posted.

For 2015, I will be running another Manga Week Challenge, as well as start up my Visual Novel Review section once more. As for my current workload, I have a dissertation to write which will be taking up the majority of the time.

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