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Look to the skies for new enemies as well as some more vehicles on the ground, or maybe they are all just a delusion. Use the power of sweets and you can get through this.

Mission A

Aim – Destroy four containers

Time limit – 5 minutes

Tips – We have a helicopter… attacking us. You will spawn in a random location for this mission but the containers will always be in the same place. Each have two normal guards which you should take out. When attacking a container, girls will spawn to defend it and the helicopter will head to the container and target you. If you can shoot the container from far away you can avoid having to take out the girls who spawn. The helicopter is easy to dodge as it often misses but do not forget about it.


Mission B

Aim – Defeat the boss

Time limit – 5 minutes

Tips – The tank cannot be harmed unless you enter the field. If you sneak into the top left corner then you can avoid attracting any of the girls – they will constantly respawn so become a bother to deal with if they start attacking. Take out your rifle and shoot the tank for a while. The tank normally only shoots while stopped and takes a long time to turn the turret so you can easily look out for and move out of the shot path. Stick to the top left corner and with time the tank will be defeated without trouble.


Mission C

Aim – Defeat all enemies

Time limit – 5 minutes

Tips – You spawn at a random location. There are lots of enemies in a small area so it is best to take out as many as you can from far away, making sure that only the pair you are attacking engage in battle. There are many enemies hiding around corners and on rooftops so if you charge in then you may be destroyed by multiple groups at once. Grenades can be useful for clearing out enemies around the corners. When you defeat all enemies on the map, a vehicle will spawn and roll down the road. Dodge the attacks and target the vehicle. Bazooka girls will spawn but you can dodge them and take them out after the vehicle is destroyed.


Advanced Mission

Aim – Destroy five containers, destroy a helicopter, defeat the boss whilst defending some containers

Time limit – 15 minutes

Tips – There are some enemies who do not respawn that you will meet along the path – take them out when you see them. When you attack a container then more enemies will keep spawning – destroy the containers from far away or alternate between spawning girls and container. Some are hidden in small areas and buildings so you can be damaged quite quickly in enclosed areas. After you have completed the loop and returned to the start, the path will be open and a helicopter will have spawned. Head to the open area and prepare to fight. The helicopter will stop to shoot then move to a new location and repeat. If you want you can bazooka it when it has stopped but I find using a rifle and constantly targeting it works best.

Boss – When the helicopter is downed, Saki will spawn and attack your containers. She also has aerial support with a bomber. Saki uses a shotgun so dodging may not work for you. Throwing grenades is quite effective as it will stop her from attacking. You can also use your own containers for cover or stay out in the open and hope that you defeat her before she does enough damage to you. Do not forget the bomber – if it does land a hit you will feel it.



For Saki, it is time for lollies for the princess of the Sweets☆Girls.



Today we will use the kinoko for questioning. Kinoko are very tasty mushrooms with a tall stalk. Although they may not be sweet, Saki can still get some enjoyment out of them.


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