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Before starting this area, you will be introduced to the infinite mission in Area Eight. This can be a good source of points – it gives at least 800 pt every time you fail. You may wish to fail each mission quickly on purpose so that you can farm up some points. Otherwise, get ready for some more containers.

Mission A

Aim – Defend the containers

Time limit – 3 minutes

Tips – Only one container needs to survive to complete this mission. There are three containers, roughly equal in distance apart. Enemies spawn nearby to containers but few spawn at once. I advise abandoning one container and sticking to guarding two. The bottom two are best for this as you merely need to run down a long tunnel between them. Aim for headshots as this can save some time. After destroying a container the enemies there will head to another of the surviving containers.


Mission B

Aim – Collect five tokens

Time limit – 5 minutes

Tips – Whilst there are only five crates, they are in random locations. Follow the path from the start, taking out any patrol that gets in your way. Be sure to check around every corner and route (under the jump pass and both sides of the top rock should be checked). If you jump the bridge and reach the end, you have missed one – you may have time to go back and check or else you must restart.


Mission C

Aim – Destroy three containers

Time limit – 5 minutes

Tips – There is one container in the hall and two on the field. First take out the container in the hall – a few shots from the doorway and it will be destroyed. Next, head onto the field. Take out any of the enemies near the entrance to the field but leave the vehicle (dodge the vehicle attacks or you will be defeated). If you stick to the top left corner of the field you should be able to take out both containers at range with a rifle and not attract the enemies who spawn when you attack the containers. You will also avoid all attacks from the vehicle. If you get the position right, you can take out all containers without entering the field or attracting enemy attention.


Advanced Mission

Aim – Destroy three containers, defeat the boss, all whilst defending one container

Time limit – 15 minutes

Tips – Before attempting to reach the crates you should plan if you wish to take them out properly… or the easy way. If you want to take them properly, take out the two guards at each container and shoot the containers up close, dodging tank shots all the while. If you want the easy method, stand as far back as you can and target the containers with your rifle. Slowly move forward, shooting, until you see your bullets hit. Keep here and fire – no enemies should attack you now. Repeat for each container. The other bonus to this method is you stay near to your container. Bazooka users will spawn near your container and you can take them out to stop them damaging it.

Boss – After destroying the final container, Minagi will spawn and start attacking your container. Defeat the bazooka users that will keep spawning before focusing on her. Minagi uses a rifle so dodging does not protect you well from the attacks. Cover does give good defence so it may be best to shoot from behind a wall. If she is targeting the container, you can blast her in the open without any worries. Getting close or attacking can distract her from targeting the container.



For Minagi, picture the ocean – cool, cold and calm.



Today we will use the nattou for questioning. Nattou is made from fermented soya beans. It is quite sticky and slimy so it may take some time to remove if I splat it everywhere.


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