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Cower, frail mortals, as you witness the power of the device known as the tank. Also, destroy some containers and some more clothes while you are at it. If you do not have a bazooka, now is the time to get one.

Mission A

Aim – Defeat the boss

Time limit – 5 minutes

Tips – First time that we are fighting a tank. As expected, it is best to buy and use a bazooka. Aim in the path of the tank and fire. You may want to get onto the roof for a better shot. Collision with the tank is instant failure. The shots are quite slow so you can dodge them – take more than two and you will probably fail. Other weapons do work but it will take some time.


Mission B

Aim – Destroy four containers

Time limit – 5 minutes

Tips – Head up onto the roof for the first two containers for a good vantage point. Containers are weak to most weapons so just shoot them for a while – you need to get close enough for your shots to hit. Take out the enemies in the nearby area before trying to destroy the container. At the third container, beware a bazooka user – take them out first.


Mission C

Aim – Collect the token

Time limit – 5 minutes

Tips – The token is at the end of the map – no shortcuts. On the way, it is best to take out the enemies instead of running past. When you get down the stairs into the square there are two options – top path or left path. Containers spawn and block off one of the routes so you may have to backtrack if you pick the wrong way. Take extra care around the top path corner as a gang of shotgun weilders can take out a large amount of health.


Advanced Mission

Aim – Collect seven tokens, defeat two bosses

Time limit – 15 minutes

Tips – Two maps again for this mission. For the first map, two crates can be found inside (right bottom and left bottom) and one is in the middle outside. Take out any patrol on the way to avoid damage. At the end of the hall to the next map there are three bazooka users – should be easy enough. In the next map the containers are meant to protect you. There is no need to destroy them. Two crates can be found on the tennis court and two in the hall. Take care in the hall as a number of snipers can spawn near the stage and catch you off guard.

Boss – After you collect the seventh token, a tank and Remi will spawn on the running track. Remi uses a bazooka so again the attacks are quite slow and easy to dodge. Only this time, you have to dodge her shots, the tank shots and the tank path. It is probably easiest to deal with Remi first, using any weapon you want. If you lure her into the tank path then she can get crushed too. After she is defeated, swap to a bazooka to take down the tank. Standing near to it helps you land the shot but you have to be more careful to dodge. It will sometimes pause to fire so you may wish to shoot then.



For Remi, trees, nature, animals… she is the mad cat.



Today we will use the choco banana for questioning. This one has some nice sprinkles on it too. It may be a bit squishy – bear with it!


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Out of the tutorial now, some of these missions can get challenging if you have no idea what you are doing. The final mission in this area, for example, is tough if you do not know the proper tactics. We also are introduced to a new mission type – protecting containers.

Mission A

Aim – Defeat all enemies

Time limit – 5 minutes

Tips – The route is mostly linear aside from choosing to go through a shortcut at the start. I would advise to skip the shortcut otherwise you have to backtrack a bit. There are a number of enemies hidden around corners so grenades may be useful before engaging. Watch out for the patrolling enemies so that you do not end up fighting two groups at once.


Mission B

Aim – Collect three tokens

Time limit – 5 minutes

Tips – The tokens are in random crates this time, both inside buildings, outside on the floor and outside on the roof. Search systematically so that you cover all the area and do not miss a crate. Easiest way is to search all buildings, search all of the right ruins, search the roof then search all the left ruins. Mix up the order if you feel it will speed you up. Taking out patrols and building campers is not needed but does not take long.


Mission C

Aim – Defend the container

Time limit – 3 minutes

Tips – Enemies will constantly spawn and try to attack your container. You can either take out every enemy when you see them or otherwise try to draw their fire to attack you instead. The number of enemies increases as the time goes down. I found that defeating them, prioritising more powerful weapon users, works best. Use the minimap to tell where they are spawning. Towards the end you will be swarmed but, so long as you defended well at the start, your container should survive.


Advanced Mission

Aim – Defend the containers, defeat the boss

Time limit – 15 minutes

Tips – There are two maps for this mission. There are three containers on each map. At each container there are two special enemies. These are mostly found standing on their own and look different to the other pairs. Take these enemies out first otherwise the others will keep spawning. They are often hiding on roofs or around corners. After the special enemies are taken out, you can defeat the two pairs and the defence of the specific container is complete. Do this for each container, reaching the marked point to move onto the next map.

BG A2 D2

Boss – At the final container, the usual wave of enemies will spawn, as well as Tsukiyo. Deal with the other enemies as you did with previous container waves. After Tsukiyo is the only enemy left, engage. Tsukiyo uses a sniper rifle so she fires a few shots then has to reload. Dodge the shots and target her as she reloads. There is not much cover so I advise just rolling from the attacks. With the most enemies, this container will probably see the most damage but when you start to fight Tsukiyo then there are no enemies left to damage it.



For Tsukiyo, imagine the moon… and momikēshon.



Today we will use the hake for questioning. Hake is just a brush, ok? Maybe we can get some of that dirt off you after that difficult battle.

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BG Aki


The first area is mostly a tutorial to get you used to the controls. The missions are quite easy so take the chance to learn how to use each weapon. Few characters are available at the start. You select an attacker and a support for your party. The attacker is who you play as – you use their weapons and stats. The support gives you audio notifications and also marks enemies on the map. It is sometimes possible to take missions without a support and so you lose these notifications. You cannot use some characters if they are the boss of the area, if you have not yet completed the area or if you have not unlocked them.

BG A1 Mission


Mission A

Aim – Collect the token

Time limit – 5 minutes

Tips – The enemies pose little threat – it is possible to just run to the end of the road to complete the mission. I advise fighting everyone along the way for some practice.



Mission B

Aim – Collect five tokens

Time limit – 5 minutes

Tips – These tokens are in crates that need to be kicked open. Crates do not show up on the map so you will have to find them yourself. There are three inside (right corridor top, left corridor bottom and top corridor left),  and two outside (middle top and middle bottom). It may be worthwhile to take out the guards inside but for outside I would save time and just run past and kick the crates.



Mission C

Aim – Defeat every wave of enemies

Time limit – 5 minutes

Tips – Use the buildings for cover to reload. Peek or roll out and take out an enemy then head back into hiding again. Sometimes you may have to move out of cover to be able to get a good angle – always sticking to cover will just waste time. The final wave is at the end of the map.



Advanced Mission

Aim – Collect the token, defeat the boss

Time limit – 15 minutes

Tips – Head along the winding path, rolling and taking out enemies along the way. Stay away from some cliff edges as you can fall back down and will have to run back to where you were. Beware the rocket ambush on the cliff at the first turn of the path. If you keep far enough back, enemies will not engage so you have time to reload.

BG A1 D1

Boss – When you collect the token, enemies will spawn in the small area. There are a number of tall rocks to hide behind. After you defeat all of the enemies, Aki will spawn. She uses a bazooka and so there is quite a lot of time between attacks. Stay back and you can walk or roll out of the missile path. While she is reloading, attack with any weapon. She will dodge if you attack her while she is preparing to shoot. Some bullets or grenades later and she will be defeated.

BG A1 D2



The characters in the game mostly happen to have certain characters in their name, certain hair colours and certain personalities which all seem to match which is handy for learning at a glance about the person. All the days of the week are present.

For Aki, think of the sun and everything that entails.

BG A1 E1



Today we will use the chikuwa for questioning. Chikuwa are a form of sausage but instead of mammal meat it has delicious fish inside. Aki sure looks like she enjoyed that sausage.

BG A1 E2

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Bullet Girls Logo


Bullet Girls – that game where you play as high school girls, fighting each other on the battlefield. The game is currently only available in Japanese (so if importing remember you may not be able to buy and use downloadable content). Information in my guide is correct up to my current point in the game (start of area five) and may be added to as more is discovered. To follow is more tips for specific missions. For the official Japanese site, visit http://d3p.co.jp/bulletgirls/.


Tactics Map, Missions and Jinmon

The world is separated into a number of areas. The areas are based on specific characters. The structure of these areas follows the same pattern. There are three shorter missions and one longer mission with a character boss. The shorter missions span a single map each whereas longer missions can have multiple map screens. Objectives are different for each mission but the fourth mission ends with a fight against a boss. You are scored after completing your mission – this is based on time taken, damage taken and targets destroyed. The scoring changes for some missions so this may not always be the case. Trophies are given for clearing areas for the first time and also for scoring S in each mission in the area.

There are eight areas in total (unless any more are unlocked after the credits, in which case it may take me a while to find) – area eight is different from the other seven as it only has one mission available. This mission consists of an infinite number of missions in a row. Any of the shorter missions (no advanced missions) can be given, even if they are not yet unlocked. Health is carried between the missions so it constitutes a survival mode. After five missions, you are given an optional Jinmon mission. Trophies are available for reaching a certain number of complete missions in a row (excluding Jinmon missions) with the highest required being fifteen.

BG Tactics

After the boss is defeated you enter Jinmon mode. The defeated character must be interrogated using a number of items. Targets and hearts appear on the screen and you have to interact with them. There are good, bad and excellent items and good, bad, excellent and mystery spots (note that bad is still good for the player and gets as many points). Using the correct items increases your score. Some items can be used with the mouth and will then go onto cooldown. Do not worry to begin with if you get a low score – most items needed to get high enough are not available at the start. After you have completed an interrogation you can repeat it, with unlocked characters, from the main menu. When you get higher scores, weapon upgrades (based on the character) become available in the shop. Trophies are gained for S rank questionings.

BG Jinmon



Here you can change what your character wears and uses in battle. Accessible from the Tactics Map.

Characters have affinity to certain weapons and weapon types – weapons can be swapped out before starting missions and you can hold four weapons at once in a mission.

Clothes are equipped here. Some clothes, such as the lovely school swimsuit, stop you from equipping bras and panties and so you will miss out on their stats. If you want specific socks then you have to choose the character with them on and a suitable clothing choice.

You can also assign health kits to characters for use in missions. It is possible to complete the game without any health kits.

BG Clubroom


Starting Weapons

At the start of the game you have four weapons. More will be available to unlock after playing through the game.

Pistol – Can autolock onto targets by holding the left trigger. Nine shots before reload. It takes a lot of shots to defeat an enemy but it requires no real aiming. Best used on lone targets to stagger them.

BG Pistol

Rifle – Left trigger zooms, can autolock onto targets after a roll is performed. Thirty shots before reload. Stronger than the pistol, I advise rolling and taking down enemies as it will defeat them faster. Has a long range zoom so good for taking headshots.

BG Rifle

Shotgun – Left trigger zooms, can autolock onto targets after a roll is performed. Four shots before reload. Weak unless you are close up, making you vulnerable.

BG Shotgun

Grenade – Can autolock onto targets by holding the left trigger. One throw before reload. Most will flee from the spot if you do autolock so aiming may serve you better. One grenade is only just not enough to take down an enemy but it can be useful for flushing out and knocking down. Also good for stripping clothes.

BG Grenade

It is best to learn how to use the rifle autolock – this is the most useful weapon at the start of the game. Remember – all weapons have unlimited ammunition.



The shop can be accessed through cancelling out of the Tactics Map. There are six sections to the shop.

Weapon – Allows you to buy and upgrade weapons.

Costume – Cosmetic main clothes changes available here.

Brassiere – Cosmetic and also stat advantages on offer…

Panties – Cosmetic and also stat advantages, again…

Item – Health kits can bought here be used to heal during missions and can be purchased multiple times. You can also find Jinmon items here which improve your interrogation stats.

Chara – These are expensive cosmetic changes that replace the character on the Tactics Map.

Some items unlock in the shop through completing levels, others through scoring highly in missions and questioning. The main way to get bras and panties is to blow them off enemies. A good tactic for this is to spam grenades as these are reliable at removing all clothing. Some unlockables available as downloadable content can also be found here but they are at extortionate prices.

BG Shop

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