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Unicycle-riding donkeys juggling flaming midget accountants interns: Hey why weren’t we in the game.

Of Dinosaurs and Pineapples

In the first scene of the game, you are greeted by a bad drawing of a pineapple, constructible in paint in less than a minute. It is at this moment you regret bothering to download the 40mb file.

Length: < 10 min

Link: http://vndb.org/v12870

Story: There is very little plot. A pineapple wakes up and goes to a club, a shop and the doctors. The game ends. The credits took longer than the rest of the game. There were a few choices but most did not add to the story. There was one scene where the pineapple battles a stack of tuna cans. That was slightly enjoyable.

Characters: A pineapple, a cabbage, a few dinosaurs and a mermaid. No character progression or background.

Art: The stock clips were reasonable. The other sprites were terrible. The best original image was probably the producer logo at the game start.

Audio: Background music in the game was quite good. It was not produced for the game though, instead taken from the public domain.

Other: Standard Ren’Py setup, nothing added or changed.

This would need a lot of work to become anything good. Using public domain resources is fine sometimes, but in this case it did not help. I give this a 2/10. There were a few points which could be good if developed further, but this game gives a general impression that it did not have much thought put into it. It does state it was made in less than two days, but it seems like closer to two hours.



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