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From the first challenge we bring back Kami Nomi Zo Shiru Sekai and from the second we bring Beelzebub. Three other new titles were consumed: Corpse Party Musume, Manhole and Gisou Honey Trap.

Kami Nomi Zo Shiru Sekai: Finished off the remains of the manga, starting at chapter 191, giving 78 chapters and 2 bonus chapters. Quick recap: The god of gaming has to capture escaped spirits for hell by making girls fall in love with him else he gets his head chopped off. I resumed at the end point of the most recent anime adaptation and the remains were mostly about a time travel plot line. Keima also makes The Ultimate Choice of any galge.

Beelzebub: Also read the remainder, starting at chapter 208, with 32 chapters. Quick recap: A delinquent has to raise the son of the demon king. The ending was quite rushed as it seems like the series got cancelled. Just some more fights mostly.

Corpse Party Musume: Read 20 chapters and 1 bonus chapter. This adaptation of Corpse Party follows the original game plotline mostly instead of the more recent series but there is some crossover. The group perform the Sachiko ritual and get transported to Heavenly Host Elementary School and have to escape before they are killed and trapped forever. Features a trap and about as many panty shots as they could fit in.

Manhole: 29 chapters in this one. The police investigate a strange case of a man emerging from a sewer who has a parasite in his eye. They have to investigate the cause and at the same time contain the spread of the parasite.

Gisou Honey Trap: A total of 12 chapters. A boy goes to live with his twin cousins, one who is a girl and the other a trap. They cannot forgive him for breaking a promise they made in their childhood, at least for three or so chapters that is.

On the subject of Corpse Party, here is the promotional video for the new game, out July.

If the video has expired, comment and I will try to replace it.

321/700 ~ Almost at the half way point and we are only on the second day.

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