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With most missions in this game, it is possible to build up your weapons, characters, bras and panties then return and be able to do better than before. This time, we have a mission where that is not the case – no bullets are even used. Fear not, you can do some shooting in the other missions.

Mission A

Aim – Defeat all enemies

Time limit – 5 minutes

Tips – Quite a lot of enemies can appear all at once in this small area where your only cover is one small rock. The best tactic is to restrict to only fighting half of them at once. Head to the bottom left or top right of the map and take out the waves. They will spawn very close for you so quickly roll and take them out. After a number of waves, they will stop and a transporter will arrive. If it gets to its stopping place, more girls will be unloaded. You can destroy them before they get there to prevent this. After that is done, head to the other part of the map and repeat.


Mission B

Aim – Collect five tokens

Time limit – 5 minutes

Tips – These tokens are out at random locations and only one is available at a time. A tank patrols the whole area so you should keep an eye on your map and avoid their attacks. Take down anyone else you meet on your way to avoid damage. Most enemies outside will attack and chase you but those in buildings are normally no trouble.


Mission C

Aim – Collect five tokens

Time limit – 5 minutes

Tips – Token crates spawn in random locations and do not always have tokens. Run around the circuit and look in every single corner and gap you can find. Do not forget all the small rooms or areas up the stairs. You will meet enemies on the way – take them out to avoid damage. Around the whole map flies a helicopter. They only attack you if you stray into their path which means you will only have to dodge them a few times. There are tunnels and buildings where you are safe from the attacks.


Advanced Mission

Aim – Collect six tokens whilst avoiding detection

Time limit – 10 minutes

Tips – A stealth mission over two maps – the horror! You need to watch carefully to see which direction the enemies are facing and where they are located. As detection means instant failure, do not use your weapons at all for this mission. It may take some practice for some parts. Here follows the tactics for each token.

1 – Head to the doorway of the hall and look ahead to the guard. When you see her look towards the field, run under the underpass then up through the gap towards the token.

2 – After the last token, head to the top left corner of the shed you are next to and look at the raised area. After the guard has looked into the underpass and starts running to the left, run up to the token. Do not worry about after you reach the token as you will be transported to the next map.

3 – As soon as the map loads, run all the way to the corridor corner and hide behind the pillar to your left. A guard will shortly after reach the corner and look around. When she starts to run back, follow her close behind and duck into the pillar before the door. After she has looked around and moved off, walk out to the token.

4 – Out through the door is another guard near a hedge. When they turn and run along their route you will have two choices.

4a – Run to the right hand hedge, hide behind it and you will automatically and crawl along to the end. When the guard moves away on their patrol, get up and move to the next hedge. Repeat for each of the hedges until you get to the door. At the final hedge you must watch for the hedge patrol and the lone guard for the correct time to reach the token. When you get this token, it is best to hide behind the pillar next to the door to avoid the hall and outside patrols.

4b – Run behind the guard to the left and crawl along the wall. When you get to the end, watch for the guard to turn towards the door and head to the container. When they look back, head to the door and get the token then hide as in the previous step.

5 – Most challenging token here. Two guards patrol this corridor so you have to do lots of pillar hiding. After the guard reaches your hiding place, they will turn back and head to the corner. Run behind them and just before they reach the corner quickly duck behind the corner pillar. When they swap over, head out quickly behind their backs, round the corner and hide behind the second or third pillar. She turns roughly when she gets to the lockers. Here you have to take care to stay behind the correct pillar. When they reverse path you may need to swap sides. Head across to the lockers when they are heading back to the corner. Creep around and seize the token.

6 – Yeah… It is just next to you. Go get it.

BG A6 D1

Boss – Mai does not need to be fought. The sneaking was challenging enough. Even attempting to damage her will mean mission failure. If you were interested, she has a handgun.



For Mai, earth, clothes, club president… not sure if they are all that related to purple. We did not need to fight her but that does not mean that she can escape with her clothes intact.

BG A6 E1



Today we will use the cockroach for questioning. Ami seems to be a bit fearful of the poor old chap but at least the cockroach is enjoying the experience.

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