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The final area is upon us. Prepare yourself for some difficult battles, along with the longest mission. Some advanced skills are needed here and upgrades may be of help too.

Mission A

Aim – Collect two tokens

Time limit – 5 minutes

Tips – You will always spawn in the same place and one token will be spawned at a time. However, the doors to the outside may be open or closed and barriers may block your path. This means you may have to change your route depending on the blockages. The first token spawned is on the top corridor to the right. Take out any enemies on your path if you are inside. When outside, it may be best to defeat only enemies on one side and sneak past the others. After you collect the first token, the next will spawn at the entrance lockers. Enemies will respawn at this point so take care heading back.


Mission B

Aim – Defeat the boss

Time limit – 5 minutes

Tips – This boss is a helicopter which never stops. You will spawn in a random location. Before trying to take on the helicopter, it is best to head somewhere where the helicopter follows straight along their path. The best area is the wooden planks to the bottom but the top left area can work as well. You will want to defeat any enemies you spot on foot so that you can focus on the helicopter. Best to use the rifle again, fire at the helicopter and dodge when it attacks overhead. Reverse your aim and fire some more before it gets out of range. Do not try to chase the helicopter too far and instead return back for the next round of attack.


Mission C

Aim – Defend the containers

Time limit – 5 minutes

Tips – This time you have to defend containers against an unstoppable tank. You have six containers. Head to the bottom and run along the map bottom, past the stationary tank, to get to your containers. The moving tank will go between the top and bottom containers. If you shoot at it long enough, it will reverse and head towards the other end. All the while, bazooka and sniper users will spawn in pairs and head to target your containers. One can either take out each pair when they spawn and shoot the tank to make it reverse or you can distract the girls, dodge their shots and keep making the tank reverse.


Advanced Mission

Aim – Defeat a tank, collect five tokens, defeat the boss whilst avoiding a bomber

Time limit – 20 minutes

Tips – Upon first playing this mission, you are not allowed any supporter. This means that your minimap will not be of much use. After completing this level once, you will have the ability to play with a supporter again. Two maps again for this one. The first map has a number of barricades stopping you from advancing. You must do enough damage to the tank to make it move into its next position. For the first three rounds, stand a little way back and fire with your rifle. When you see the turret turn, get ready to dodge or hide. Enemies will spawn every so often – either stand far enough away so that they will not attack or deal with them each time they appear. After the round ends and the tank moves off, you can defeat them without them respawning. After dealing enough damage at the middle area, the tank will kindly destroy some barricades and give you access to the roof. Head up to the roof but do not go too far – just around the corner some bazooka users will spawn. Shoot the tank through the gap and keep hiding behind the corner when it fires. If you want, you can instead stay on the street, deal with the bazooka users and shoot the tank before hiding around the close corner.

Next comes the most difficult part of the tank battle. Multiple sniper users will keep spawning, behind you if you remain on the roof, and can deal a lot of damage quickly. They also are able to find you in most places that you are hiding. You can either stay on the roof and move back and forth to shoot the tank and avoid them or you can roll back onto the floor, head into the corner where a building juts out to the bottom right of the small square. Here you have no view of the tank so it cannot hit you. However, you can throw grenades towards it and deal enough damage to destroy it. After this, clear out the remaining snipers and head to the next map.

Next we have to open some crates. A bomber will fly up and down, targeting you often. Head up onto the roof and take out the pair there. When you open a crate, everyone except those very close will respawn – this can cause problems with backtracking as areas you thought were clear have enemies again. If you hear the bomber close, get ready to dodge. Head to the next roof and open the chest. Head back and take out the respawned enemies before continuing and dealing with the next set. Open the nearby crate then take care of the enemies around the corner. Another crate is there. Some more enemies will spawn in again, take them out and head to the final crate.

Boss – After opening the final crate, some more enemies will spawn along with Yurina. The bomber will now no longer patrol and instead constantly target you. Yurina uses a shotgun so you are safe at range but if you get close you will be shredded. Deal with any of the normal girls first, then engage with a long range weapon or grenades. If she gets close, use a grenade to stun her and get some distance away. Do not forget about the bomber.



For Yurina, she is gold. A young lady with young lady training.



Today we will use the blue vibrating device for questioning. Buruburu! Nothing else to say here.

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