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He’s not a large, hulking, disgusting squid like you’d see in some kind of weird hentai. Instead, he is very small and cute, with tiny little tentacles and large, inquisitive eyes.

Schoolgirl x Squid

“For all the people who have ever wanted to date a squid, this is definitely the visual novel for you!” As soon as I read this description, I knew this was definitely the visual novel for me. After playing it, maybe it was not.

Length: 30 – 60 min

Link: http://vndb.org/v13186

Story: A girl has a pet squid who she loves and can communicate with. When she gets home from school, they have conversations and the girl must take care of the squid. Make the wrong decision in his care and the squid will perish. The love and plot were a bit predictable, but being with a squid made it bearable. The school life section away from the squid was not as good. A number of facts about squid were included throughout. I think this was a good feature and helped improve the story. I will never again make the mistake of keeping my squid in freshwater tanks. There was quite a lot of references to famous Japanese works – while I got most of them I did not think as many were needed for this story.

Characters: There was a bit of background for some of the characters. There is a fashion blogger, a carefree classmate and of course a squid. I did not really think any of them stood out in terms of personality very much. At the start I disliked the main character, but nearer the end they redeemed themself a bit.

Art: The 3d models used were ok but could have been made a tad more realistic. I would have also liked the human personification to look a bit closer to its squid counterpart. Public domain was used for most photos. There were a few drawings CGs – I could not class these as very good so maybe a bit more work on them next time.

Audio: Music was ok and normally fitted the scenes. Sometimes it would swap half way through without changing scenes or having anything of note happening in the plot.

Other: After reaching the good ending, there was some extra commentary by the author which was rather interesting to read. It discussed the initial idea and the characters.

The parts of the story discussing squid were good. The rest was a tad generic. Some more polishing was also needed. Due to this, I give a score of 5/10. Alas, Ika-kun, our love could never be; for I am, always, so very hungry.



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