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The 700 has been defeated once again and in only six days. We got through a total of 14 series (finishing 11 complete series in the time). Good range of genres but I mainly focused on psychological this time round, with a few others to give variety.

From all the series, the one that stood out most in terms of themes and feel was Oyasumi Punpun. They took a very simple character design and threw them into our twisted world. Punpun struggles through his life, making countless mistakes along the way and deforming his being, becoming unrecognisable from himself as a child. He had a number of dreams as a child but by the time he was an adult most had become twisted, died or forgotten.

Oyasumi Punpun

This challenge is now over but another will soon begin. For the bonus round, check later this month – as a teaser the aim will be to complete two specific visual novels. More details soon.

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So then, let us once more embark on another manga week challenge. To start us off, I read Oyasumi Punpun.

Oyasumi Punpun: I completed the whole of the manga, 147 chapters in total. The manga mainly follows the life of Punpun from child to adult and all his failures and misfortune along the way. It also tracks the fate of those who he meets on his journey and loses contact with. Its dark and so very realistic.

Here is Tsubasa wo Kudasai which features a number of times in the manga.

If the video has expired, comment and I will try to replace it.

147/700 ~ Looking good, be ready for MWC Requiem tomorrow as I finish off some titles which I started in previous challenges.

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