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Mia: Compensate with more blood.


I am not very good at remembering names, so I normally just forget them and never use names when talking. Do that in this novel and you will end up getting stabbed with scissors a few times. A yandere is good when they are always protecting you, but when they are always killing you…

Length: 30 – 60 min

Link: http://vndb.org/v10665

Story: A boy transfers to a new school (original much?) and notices a quiet girl in the same class. However, when he gets a chance to talk to her she seems to recognise him and is much more cheerful. As she is a yandere, there were lots of lovely bad endings. Sometimes it felt like yandere was an excuse to kill you off for taking a wrong choice. One ending, for example, goes from normality to bad end in just a single sentence. Despite being quite generic and predictable at times, there were some good scenes. The only good ending is still quite sad in its own way.

Characters: Main character and side characters were not that likeable, didn’t seem to have any personality. The yandere was quite good though. I would have liked to have been given a bit more back story as to why she was obsessed with the main character.

Art: One character sprite appears, with two costumes. It was reasonably well drawn and there were a number of facial expressions. I was happy to find at least one CG in the game, but it looked a bit stretched so the proportions were warped. The backgrounds were taken from elsewhere and tweaked a bit so I cannot tell how much they were improved.

Audio: The audio was taken from the public domain. It was used quite effectively, with the stabby-stabby and the splatty-splatty of blood. Stopping the music and putting yandere eyes on worked well to make you tense.

Other: Cannot say much else – you can tell it was a Ren’Py job. A few obvious spelling errors poked out at places.

Many parts are weaker and could be improved, but I did overall enjoy the story. Bad endings are great. I give this a 6/10. I would enjoy a sequel, maybe explaining as to why Mia the yandere is a yandere. For now, I will be avoiding ravioli more than usual.



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