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I need more experience of terrible visual novels. So, to get that experience, I will be reading and reviewing a number of random visual novels which I find on VNDB. To start with I will be playing through mostly original English language visual novels which run on Windows or on a website. The majority will be free-to-play. I will rank them roughly based on the following criteria:

Story (40%)
– Choices
– Concepts
– Endings
– Feels
– Overall Plot
– Setting
– Writing Quality
Characters (20%)
– Player Or Main Character
– Side Characters
Art (20%)
– Backgrounds
– CGs
– Character Sprites
– Movies
Audio (10%)
– Music
– Sound Effects
– Voice Acting
Other (10%)
– Extras
– Interface
– Navigation

Also, when applicable, I will also be looking at Value For Money. I will also place a warning for any games with 18+ content. I may not stick to these criteria, but it is a rough guide. If you have any visual novels you would like me to review, comment in this post or on a review post and I will attempt to acquire and review them.


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