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BG Aya

Getting S rank in missions

Sometimes you may complete a mission perfectly – finishing it quickly and not taking any damage. However, you still get only an A. When this happens, it is time to break out the grenades. On a number of missions where this happened, I found that destroying enemy clothes counted towards the level score instead. Grenades are the most effective tool for removing clothes so use a few. For most advanced missions, it helps if you can strip the boss too. For the advanced mission in Area Six, I managed to get an S rank by taking the wall through the courtyard and not waiting a long time for the dual patrol at the corner. For any mission which involve combat, remember to use upgraded weapons, characters with good affinity and the correct bra and panty combo for the job.


Optimising characters, bras and panties to your play style

Depending on what weapons you use, certain characters can be advantageous.


Aya (++ Handguns, + Bazookas, – Assault Rifles, – Grenades, — Shotguns)

With only handguns and bazookas to her strengths, Aya is quite a weak choice. You can choose her if you do not want a shotgun in your loadout.

Yurina (++ Shotguns, + Bazookas, + Grenades, + Handguns, — Assault Rifles)

Yurina is strong with every weapon except the assault rifles. This makes her a good option for someone who wants to use every weapon except the standard. She is the only character with four strengths.

Aki (++ Bazooka, + Handguns, – Grenades, – Shotguns, — Assault Rifles)

Similar to Aya, a weaker choice. If you want an extra level of challenge then she may be the best option.

Tsukiyo (++ Assault Rifles, + Shotguns, – Bazookas, – Grenades, — Handguns)

As she is great with an assault rifle, she is a reasonable choice for a standard player. Her extra weaknesses may make you choose differently later but at least her worst weapon is the weakest type.

Remi (++ Bazookas, + Grenades, + Shotguns, – Assault Rifles, — Handguns)

If you want to blow things up, go for Remi. Her explosive weapons are the best but she is weak with standard guns.

Minagi (++ Assault Rifles, + Grenades, + Handguns, – Bazookas, — Shotguns)

Minagi is the best choice for the normal assault rifle user. Her grenades are also strong. You may wish to load out two rifles in this case.

Saki (++ Shotguns, + Assault Rifles, – Grenades, – Handguns, — Bazookas)

A good option for someone who likes to use the shotgun but wants to have an assault rifle for backup.

Mai (++ Handguns, + Assault Rifles, + Grenades, – Shotguns, — Bazookas)

With a strength in assault rifles and grenades, she is an alternative to others if you like to use the handguns for some reason.


Along with the character choices, you must choose your garments. There are some which give health bonuses, some which give stat bonuses to set weapons and some which give bonuses to all weapon types. If you are using an all round character (Yurina, Remi, Minagi or Mai) you would probably find any type to an advantage. If you are narrowing down to one type of weapon then it is best to optimise that weapon with the relevant stat bonuses or otherwise take the extra health.


Point farming

At the start of the game, you can run the first mission in around 16 seconds. This should give an A ranking and 600 pt but can sometimes only give a B and 300 pt. With loading screens, this makes about 600 pt every 30 seconds.

When you unlock Area Eight, some missions are easy to lose within the same time (you should skip cutscenes to maximise speed). This gives 800 pt every 30 seconds. However, some missions are not so easy to lose.

Completing a mission properly at higher levels will only award at most 3000 pt with a much greater time taken up. However, it may be more worthwhile to try to get S ranks on other missions and farm clothes as opposed to constantly running the first level.


Getting S rank in Jinmon

For getting S rank in Jinmon, you need a combination of the correct pose and the correct item. Choose the first, default pose and upon starting cycle to the fourth angle (to the left once). This has lots of spots on the main body nice and close together. For your items, you will need a water pistol. Also take any mouth items that you desire. When you have begun the questioning, use your mouth items as soon as they are available and when there is a target near the mouth. After this, select the pistol and keep pressing the button as fast as possible, moving the joystick around the area. If you make it wobble just a bit, it will fly and hit most of the needed spots. Remember, keep hitting as fast as you can for faster points and more chain bonuses. You should be able to max both the good and bad ratings within the time. Around 1600 is needed for an S rank.




For Aya, that fire burns with her positivity. Although she does not have her own mission, it would be bad for her to miss out in other areas.




Today we will use the water pistol for questioning. Let us douse your body in liquid and see if we can put out your flames. Your skill with handguns may come in use.



Swimsuit bra and panties

There exists one set of undergarments which cannot be obtained through the normal loadout. These are the swimsuit bra and panties. When you swap onto the swimsuit costume, these are equipped and when you switch out it will revert to other choices. This makes it impossible to wear with any other clothes in the main game mode. However, there is a method to obtain them within the Jinmon mode.

1 – Select the character you wish to use and set them to the swimsuit costume. Hover over the clothing option.


2 – Press right and then very quickly (before the screen has time to reload) press x. If this has worked, when you press x once more you will still be wearing the swimsuit but the costume will list another set of clothes.


3 – Press up and very quickly press x. Close the menu again and repeat. You should now have the start button selected with the swimsuit displayed.


4 – Start up the session with any items equipped. You will now see that you have the swimsuit bra and panties equipped along with a different costume. You can continue if you wish but otherwise quit out of the session and choose to play again.


5 – Now feel free to change your costume, damage, your pose, your location or even your bra and panties. So long as you avoid changing back to the swimsuit then the swimsuit bra and panties will remain.


You can use the same method to wear any bra and panty combination you like with the swimsuit on.



There is still possibly more for me to discover – some scenes are missing and I have yet to buy all the characters. If I find something new of note, it will appear somewhere in the guide.


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BG Meika


Here is the list of all trophies, roughly separated into similar achievements.



Platinum – All other trophies collected


Areas completed

Bronze – Prologue completed

Bronze – Area One cleared

Bronze – Area Two cleared

Bronze – Area Three cleared

Bronze – Area Four cleared

Bronze – Area Five cleared

Bronze – Area Six cleared

Silver – Area Seven cleared


Area Eight

Bronze – Five missions in a row cleared in Area Eight

Silver – Ten missions in a row cleared in Area Eight

Gold – Fifteen missions in a row cleared in Area Eight


S ranks in missions

Silver – S in the Area One advanced mission

Silver – S in the Area Two advanced mission

Silver – S in the Area Three advanced mission

Silver – S in the Area Four advanced mission

Silver – S in the Area Five advanced mission

Silver – S in the Area Six advanced mission

Silver – S in the Area Seven advanced mission


S ranks in Jinmon

Silver – S in Jinmon with Aki

Silver – S in Jinmon with Tsukiyo

Silver – S in Jinmon with Remi

Silver – S in Jinmon with Minagi

Silver – S in Jinmon with Saki

Silver – S in Jinmon with Mai

Silver – S in Jinmon with Yurina

Silver – S in Jinmon with Aya



Bronze – All weapons owned

Bronze – All costumes owned

Bronze – 20 bras owned

Silver – 30 bras owned

Gold – All bras owned

Bronze – 20 panties owned

Silver – 30 panties owned

Gold – All panties owned

Gold – All items owned



Bronze – Tap the chest 1000 times in total

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