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Today I read some Nichijou, Girls und Panzer: Little Army and a bit of Umineko no Naku Koro ni.

Nichijou: I read 72 normal chapters and 9 bonus chapters. Nichijou is about a lot of random events occurring. There are robots, goats and more. The main setting  follows the students at a school but there are some other random things too.

Here is the first opening:

If the video has expired, comment and I will try to replace it.

Girls und Panzer: Little Army: I finished all 8 chapters. Girls und Panzer is about the martial art known as Senshado. Basically, its girls fighting each other in tanks. Little Army gives a bit of background about the lead character when they were younger.

Here is the opening:

If the video has expired, comment and I will try to replace it.

Umineko no Naku Koro ni: I managed to obtain a physical copy… but due to unforseen circumstances it was only one volume so I read 10 normal chapters and 1 bonus chapter. Umineko is about a number of murders which occur on an island and whether witches exist.

Here is the fourth opening:

If the video has expired, comment and I will try to replace it.

360/500 – two pi for me ~

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The end of my exams is nearing and that means the start of the holiday. Last year I spent one whole week reading manga, getting through 700 chapters in 7 days. This time however I do not have a full week free and after last year my hands were broken from too much use. However, I will aim to read at least 500 chapters in 7 days. Starting on the 17th of June, I will be reading from a number of series. These will most likely be the manga versions of many of the shows I have watched this year. Last time I stopped when I reached my goal but this time I will see how much over 500 I can get. If I have more time than I thought I may be able to reach 700 once more.

If you have any suggestions for some series to read, post a comment and I may add it to my potential list. A few titles I hope to read include finishing where I left off last time with Hellsing, a few volumes of Umineko no Naku Koro ni in the middle and maybe I could attempt to find some Evangelion.

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