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She was suddenly acting like a completely different person…

Project Dualis

Project Dualis was released quite recently and as I began to download it I realised it had a rather large file size. There was voice acting waiting – and a lot of it. There was also supposed to be a literary club, but it had closed down due to lack of members. Even by the end of the story, they had not got enough members to start the club up again.

Length: 30 – 60 min

Link: http://vndb.org/v13209

Story: A boy starts at a new school and meets a girl who has multiple personalities sharing one body. They become friends and school club activities ensue. This was where the story became less interesting as the activities did not excite me. The story continues, you reach the end and everything you would expect to happen happened. I would have liked to explore the feelings of the characters more – it does make a start at thinking about how the other personality would feel at the actions of the other but I would have liked to see it pushed further, with an existential crisis or a few. The game seems to be set in Japan, but they at one point refer to bands who are not Japanese; setting the whole game in an English-speaking country would have worked better for me and would also fit with the voice acting. There were two good endings and a number of not-so-bad bad endings.

Characters: All of the male characters in the story were plain. The female characters were better though and had defined personalities. The back story was quite predictable and I didn’t really get to know enough about them to care too much.

Art: There were quite a few CGs in the game, some with different styles. The abstract CGs were reasonably good, as were the normal CGs. I think a bit more work could have gone into some of the faces for the CGs. Now we move onto the character sprites – these were not as high in quality as the CGs. Some parts looked copied for two characters. The bodies were mostly fine but more detail was needed for the faces. They did have multiple expressions though, which improved them a tad.

Audio: The music was ok – it was from the public domain. This visual novel included voice acting in English. Most of this was quite high quality. The narration was also voice acted – the reason given was to imitate the style of Kyon from Haruhi. Although it would have been fine if you could toggle this on and off, there was no option to mute certain voices so you had to mute everyone if you did not want it on. The file size was quite high due to the audio files.

Other: There was a small gallery at the end but you had to click through all of the route’s pictures to view them. There was also a short word from the author about the production.

I quite enjoyed the concept and there were good results in the art and the voice acting. However, I did not think the story ended up being as interesting as it could have been and mostly just descended into a usual school day. The end of the routes made it a bit more worthwhile. For these reasons, I would give a rating of 6/10.

Project Dualis

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He’s not a large, hulking, disgusting squid like you’d see in some kind of weird hentai. Instead, he is very small and cute, with tiny little tentacles and large, inquisitive eyes.

Schoolgirl x Squid

“For all the people who have ever wanted to date a squid, this is definitely the visual novel for you!” As soon as I read this description, I knew this was definitely the visual novel for me. After playing it, maybe it was not.

Length: 30 – 60 min

Link: http://vndb.org/v13186

Story: A girl has a pet squid who she loves and can communicate with. When she gets home from school, they have conversations and the girl must take care of the squid. Make the wrong decision in his care and the squid will perish. The love and plot were a bit predictable, but being with a squid made it bearable. The school life section away from the squid was not as good. A number of facts about squid were included throughout. I think this was a good feature and helped improve the story. I will never again make the mistake of keeping my squid in freshwater tanks. There was quite a lot of references to famous Japanese works – while I got most of them I did not think as many were needed for this story.

Characters: There was a bit of background for some of the characters. There is a fashion blogger, a carefree classmate and of course a squid. I did not really think any of them stood out in terms of personality very much. At the start I disliked the main character, but nearer the end they redeemed themself a bit.

Art: The 3d models used were ok but could have been made a tad more realistic. I would have also liked the human personification to look a bit closer to its squid counterpart. Public domain was used for most photos. There were a few drawings CGs – I could not class these as very good so maybe a bit more work on them next time.

Audio: Music was ok and normally fitted the scenes. Sometimes it would swap half way through without changing scenes or having anything of note happening in the plot.

Other: After reaching the good ending, there was some extra commentary by the author which was rather interesting to read. It discussed the initial idea and the characters.

The parts of the story discussing squid were good. The rest was a tad generic. Some more polishing was also needed. Due to this, I give a score of 5/10. Alas, Ika-kun, our love could never be; for I am, always, so very hungry.


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Shirley: Will you love me forever?

More than Forever

Before I played the full version, I played the website version. When I finished it, I thought the full version would be awful. I then played the full version. New characters were introduced and the story improved a great deal.

Length: < 10 min

Link: http://vndb.org/v13166

Story: Two students read a book and comment on it. The book is about a familiar tale; you may have already heard it before. The whole game is kinetic and nothing much happens. Hearing the comments on the book they read was great but there was not much to the game. I would have liked the story to go on longer, but it just stops.

Characters: We didn’t see the characters for long. The students were fine and realistic. The book characters were awful, but that was the point.

Art: The character sprites, both the students and the book characters, were good. The backgrounds were fine too. It also featured chibis – they were done quite well, with a good range of expressions.

Audio: Background music and music stopping for dramatic points was well used. Some of the music got annoying but that may just be my preference.

Other: Nothing much for extras. Good standard Ren’py.

The overall look of the visual novel was great. When I recognised the story, I was laughing so very much. Their trick caught me and made it a worthwhile read. However, I would have liked a bit more to the story. I give this a score of 6/10. It is worth reading if you have the time and if it is expanded further, maybe by exploring other trashy books, it could be improved.


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Mia: Compensate with more blood.


I am not very good at remembering names, so I normally just forget them and never use names when talking. Do that in this novel and you will end up getting stabbed with scissors a few times. A yandere is good when they are always protecting you, but when they are always killing you…

Length: 30 – 60 min

Link: http://vndb.org/v10665

Story: A boy transfers to a new school (original much?) and notices a quiet girl in the same class. However, when he gets a chance to talk to her she seems to recognise him and is much more cheerful. As she is a yandere, there were lots of lovely bad endings. Sometimes it felt like yandere was an excuse to kill you off for taking a wrong choice. One ending, for example, goes from normality to bad end in just a single sentence. Despite being quite generic and predictable at times, there were some good scenes. The only good ending is still quite sad in its own way.

Characters: Main character and side characters were not that likeable, didn’t seem to have any personality. The yandere was quite good though. I would have liked to have been given a bit more back story as to why she was obsessed with the main character.

Art: One character sprite appears, with two costumes. It was reasonably well drawn and there were a number of facial expressions. I was happy to find at least one CG in the game, but it looked a bit stretched so the proportions were warped. The backgrounds were taken from elsewhere and tweaked a bit so I cannot tell how much they were improved.

Audio: The audio was taken from the public domain. It was used quite effectively, with the stabby-stabby and the splatty-splatty of blood. Stopping the music and putting yandere eyes on worked well to make you tense.

Other: Cannot say much else – you can tell it was a Ren’Py job. A few obvious spelling errors poked out at places.

Many parts are weaker and could be improved, but I did overall enjoy the story. Bad endings are great. I give this a 6/10. I would enjoy a sequel, maybe explaining as to why Mia the yandere is a yandere. For now, I will be avoiding ravioli more than usual.


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You go to school, only to find out that it was blown up by a meteor. THE END

Stupid Script Novel

When making choices, you should have some idea of what kind of consequence they will have. In this game, these are not predictable.

Length: < 10 min

Link: http://vndb.org/v13195

Story: Your little sister wakes you up. If you do not know who she is, you instantly go to jail. If you go to school, you are instantly killed by a meteor. If you go outside with your sister, you instantly get struck by lightning. There is no conclusion to the story. In all, the story is junk and not much happens. Unless you choose a bad ending.

Characters: You may or may not have a little sister. You also may or may not have a friend who is a stick man.

Art: There were about four images: poor paint drawings and a character fresh off the sprite generator.

Audio: A sound plays when you lose. No music at all.

Other: Some annoying links opened without warning. There was also a random number generated. Otherwise, just same old Ren’py.

I guess this was never meant to be read, just to test the program. It is a stupid novel, as the title says. Something happened. Take your 2/10 and look out for random lightning on the way out.


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Because everybody knows that the red monster hunts in the dark outside the farm.

The adventure of Bacon

If you are looking for a story for creatures under the age of four, this may be an option. Otherwise, it is probably not.

Length: < 10 min

Link: http://vndb.org/v11293

Story: A pig lives on a farm but grows tired of staying there and so decides to defy his parents and adventure outside. Overall, I think that it made a rather nice children’s story but that is all it was. The story was kinetic and there is a moral to the story – listen to your elders.

Characters: The main characters are a pig and a monster. It is quite simple, but then again this is a children’s story.

Art: Simple, constructed in paint or a similar program. While not great, a simplistic style does work for the children’s story. Maybe a bit more effort is needed though. For the monster – simple was effective. This is probably due to playing Yume Nikki and similar games.

Audio: Background music was adequate – nothing major to note but it did at least have some music.

Other: Most was normal Ren’Py but there were a few times when there was text overlaying the image – this would have been good but often it made it more difficult to read.

Its simple, but due to that I cannot rate it too highly. I give this a 3/10. The idea is good but I think it needs a lot of polishing to make it presentable.


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Unicycle-riding donkeys juggling flaming midget accountants interns: Hey why weren’t we in the game.

Of Dinosaurs and Pineapples

In the first scene of the game, you are greeted by a bad drawing of a pineapple, constructible in paint in less than a minute. It is at this moment you regret bothering to download the 40mb file.

Length: < 10 min

Link: http://vndb.org/v12870

Story: There is very little plot. A pineapple wakes up and goes to a club, a shop and the doctors. The game ends. The credits took longer than the rest of the game. There were a few choices but most did not add to the story. There was one scene where the pineapple battles a stack of tuna cans. That was slightly enjoyable.

Characters: A pineapple, a cabbage, a few dinosaurs and a mermaid. No character progression or background.

Art: The stock clips were reasonable. The other sprites were terrible. The best original image was probably the producer logo at the game start.

Audio: Background music in the game was quite good. It was not produced for the game though, instead taken from the public domain.

Other: Standard Ren’Py setup, nothing added or changed.

This would need a lot of work to become anything good. Using public domain resources is fine sometimes, but in this case it did not help. I give this a 2/10. There were a few points which could be good if developed further, but this game gives a general impression that it did not have much thought put into it. It does state it was made in less than two days, but it seems like closer to two hours.


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